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Savior is an open-world action adventure game. As Sam, a
stranger dropped in the fray, you'll have a vast, immersive
land to explore. Smooth, predictive acrobatics will let you bound over
obstacles with ease. You’ll be faced with many aggressors; choose
whether to fight them, evade them, ply them with conversation or
provoke them with insults. But know that each enemy is a potential
ally. And you'll need all the help you can get to defeat the true threat.

As you earn trust, you’ll be asked for help, and given it
in return. You’ll be offered quests to restore the communities
you encounter. Through your work in the world, you’ll gain skills,
endurance and strength as your experience grows.

Become the champion this broken world needs. Uncover the secrets
of your origin and help your people find redemption and thrive.


Discover A Living World!
  • Explore a medieval wild and a vast, futuristic underworld.
  • Enjoy the crisp nostalgia of 90s pixel graphics.
  • Encounter friends and foes with adaptive behavior.
Transform Each Area To Aid You!
  • Rebuild barriers and outposts to keep aggressors at bay.
  • Rescue shopkeepers and craftsman to get new gear.
  • Fix rail lines and befriend dragons to gain fast travel.
Parkour And Pulverize!
  • Predictive movement makes exploring satisfying and alive.
  • Ledge snapping allows for epic platforming with ease.
  • Quick, precise strikes and blocks keep combat fresh.
Talk To People!
  • Discover secrets of the world and the road ahead.
  • Convince opponents to join your cause.
  • Beffudle robots with logic.

Weston TRACY
  • Project Lead
  • Art Lead
After a 30 year love affair with pixels, Weston is building the game he started designing in 4th grade. Somehow he found a masterful crew to help do it.
  • Programming Lead
  • Additional Design
Sam makes everything go. He's the force behind the crazy combat and parkour. He's made this project real with his expertise, patience and lack of risk aversion!
Robert BORTH
  • Concept Art
  • Additional Production Art
Rob has worked with companies from Sierra and Lucasarts to Nike and Microsoft. His aesthetic wizardry has improved every bit of art we've made.
  • Business Development
  • Benefactor
After championing indie games at Nintendo, Dan now helps indie teams like us to avoid shooting ourselves in the foot, too much. He's the resident fixer.
  • Additional Writing
  • Additional Design
Milo has helped build the fabric of Savior, from character flavor to story points to quest design. He's the holder of much science fiction wisdom.
  • Sound Design
David is a world-class sound designer. He's worked on films by Speilberg, Fincher, Zemeckis and many more. His IMDB is nuts. Really, go check it out.
Benedict NICHOLS
  • Composer
  • Music Production
Ben is a seasoned musical master. He has been able to decifer ever-changing, conflicing direction to produce a musical force that will make spines tingle.
  • Programmer
  • Additional Project Management
Marlon moonlights on Savior when he's not running projects for the D.O.D.. He's brought much needed management skills and a flare for game-play code.

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